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Heritage Village Museum:

Established in 1996, Heritage village is located in Madabb District of Fujairah City. It houses models of traditional homes, hand-held implements, tools and household instruments used in ancient times by the people of Fujairah. It is surrounded by a high wall topped by watch towers in the front. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists and visitors who wish to enjoy. 

Ain Al Madhab Park:

Ain Al Madhab Park Located in Madhab area near the mountains surrounding the emirate. 

Al Muntazah Park:

This park is exclusively for women and children. It’s located opposite to the gold market. 

Fujairah Corniche:

Stretching along the coast, Fujairah Corniche (waterfront) provides the residents and visitors a place to relax, socialize, exercise and be at ease. It is usually bustling with people and activities during the cooler months. 

Bull Butting: 

bull butting is a family event. Every Friday, local families and tourists gather at an open field to watch the bulls' battle it out. The day begins bulls butting and winners move on the next round .


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