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Hajar Mountains 

The Hajar Mountains are the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula and run through both the UAE and Oman. The highest named point in the UAE is located there, measuring 1,527 metres high and is called Jabal Yibir. This wild and beautiful mountain range stands proudly to the west of Fujairah. There are many hiking and Fun tours. 

Wadi Ham 

Wadi Ham is the largest and longest wadi of all in the UAE. It runs for 30km from Masafi to the dam. A lot of the dam runs alongside a main road so accessibility is not a problem. The wadi remains dry for most of the year but when it does rain, the dry riverbed is transformed into a rushing wadi. Wadi Ham is definitely a spectacular site and when its so easily accessible. 

Wadi Zikt 

Located in Dadnah, approximately 8km off the coast , There is also a large man made dam that runs across the wadi that allows exploration. 

Wadi Al Wurayah 

This gorgeous boulder-strewn wadi is located 42km north of Fujariah and is definitely a favourite among the residents. Spanning 192 square kilometres, Wurayah is definitely a site to behold. However, the wadi is protected by EWS-WWF due to its unique flora and fauna. Wadi Tawian It’s 5km long ، Situated 45km from Fujariah, accessed only by a rough mountain road, There is also a dam Tawian . 

Wadi Siji 

Built in the seventies, Wadi Siji, has the oldest dam in the UAE. The dam is 10m high, 500m wide and can store up to 1,200,000 cubic metres of water. Situated 49km north of Fujariah, in a picturesque mountainous area, dotted with farms. 

Wadi Al Hail 

Named due to its location, in Al Hail, this wadi is easily accessible and very close to Fujairah city. It runs for approximately 15km .


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