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Museum And Forts


Fujairah Museum 

The Emirate of Fujairah includes one of the most important museums that are spread across the United Arab Emirates, to record the ancestral history and heritage over time through the antiques found by the missions of excavation and archeologists in the recent years.

The Museum houses three halls for heritage.

The first hall displayed the occupations known to the region such as agriculture, fishing and trade, as well as the traditional occupants such as weaving and pottery industry.

The second hall is for Heritage and includes ancient weapons used by the ancients as well as types of costumes popular to the people of the region as well as utensils used by the people in the past. Inside the hall is also a model of the popular old house made of palm leaves, and among the weapons displayed in this room, Om Fateela , Al Roomeya, along with an ancient rifle called Khedewi made in 1916.

The halls of antiquities include numerous artifacts that were discovered in multiple locations, including pots made of steatite or chlorite in addition to brass findings  and a set of mugs and cups of various shapes and uses.

Fujairah Fort

The Emirate of Fujairah is rich in archeological treasures some of which date back to about five centuries ago including castles, forts, towers and mosques.

These forts and castles were used for defensive purposes in repelling invaders and maintaining the soil of the homeland and its identity, and the Fujairah Fort is one of the important and largest forts of the Emirate. The Fujairah Fort is characterized by its position on a high hill in the old Fujairah region, and built up to about 20 meters above sea level, and overseas the whole city of Fujairah at this height and is three kilometers away from the coast.

The design of the Fujairah Fort differs completely from the usual engineering designs of the rest of the forts of the state. Existing buildings three circular towers and a fourth square tower and a tall building with a section similar to the tower, these buildings are linked by a wall between the towers to form a central hall in the middle. This irregular Design has emerged as one with several specificities, of the irregular shape of the rocks upon which the fort was built.

Fujairah Fort was built from local materials involving stone, gravel, clay, hay, and alsarooj substance (gypsum).

Al Hail Fort

Al Hail Fortress is one of the strong fortresses which occupies an important strategic position and forum of more than direction and is considered a Forum for more than one direction and a unity point for the road to Fujairah.

The Fortress was built in the village of Al Hail on the west bank of the valley of Al Hail on a mountain rising about 40 meters from the surface of the valley ground abd the valley was called The Fortress Mountain.
The Village of Al Hail is located southwest of the city of Fujairah, about 13 kilometers away and according to the stories of elderly people from residents of the area the Fort was in the reign of Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Sharqi and on the basis of the results of chemical analysis of carbon-14, the fortress was built in 1930.

And after the fortress was demolished, Al Hail square was built on a hill high up to about 15 meters above ground level. It consists of two floors and the roof of the square was dedicated to the surveillance and defence through holes and platforms and Tarabeech...

The Square is characterized by clearly revealing the Four Direction of the area.
Gravel, burnt clay, wood veins and palm leaves were used in the construction of the square and strong Alkndl wood in the making of the ceilings.
It was built in the era of Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, may God bless his soul.

Awhlah Fort

The fortress of Awhlah is located in the village of Aouhlah 30 kilometers from the city of Fujairah in mountainous rough and jagged areas, however the government of Fujairah has paved roads to it and which is also a tourist village of Ain Al Ghamor is located.

The Islamic Fort of Aouhlah had been built on the same location of fortress on a relatively high mountain about 30 meters above sea level and oversees the areas of the Eastern Emirate of Fujairah, whereas the watch tower rises about 20 meters high, enabling the guards to monitor any person coming either from the sea or the mountain roads

The Fort is accessed through a large gate of 1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high, following the entrance is a lobby of a rectangular shape and has ladders that leads its visitors to its second floor and then to the tower which is circular in shape and large and is 11 meters high and 9 meters in diameter where the guards and archers are stationed, where as the headquarters is located in the secondv floor with a balcony and small openings for light and air

The architectural structure of the Fort gives the impression of similar or inspired by the walls of the Assyrian cities (Ninoy, Nimrod and Ashur).In northern Iraq, which confirms the relationship of the region with the ancient civilization of Iraq, according to which its economic status in the Iron Age.

As a system design for all the castles and forts located in the Emirate of Fujairah, there are two rooms in in Aouhlah Fort's backyard and extended from the outside with a rectandular Majlis and its walls decorated with art from the inside with a wonderful decor and in addition to a deep water well in the northwest corner of the Fort..


Al Bithna Fort

Gracefully overlooking Ham wadi which runs from Fujairah to Siji wadi across the mountains stands Al Bithna Castle near the village to carries the same name. This castle is only 13 kilometres from the city of Fujairah. It is very close to the main road that links Fujairah to the rest of UAE. This enables tourists or visitors travelling in or out of Fujairah by car to visit this castle and at the same time enjoy the breathtaking picturesque of the majestic mountain and fascinating palm orchards surrounding it. The construction of this castle goes back to 1735 and it consists of an enormous staunch edifice graced by two watch towers on the west side.


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