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Customs And Traditions


Fujairah, like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, has many customs and traditions. The Kandura, or a dishdash, is a long white cloak worn by UAE national males. This is often accompanied by a headscarf called a Guthra and is held in place by an Egal. their head. Women wear the black cloak or abaya that covers the body from head to toe. 

Foods : 

Food from this region is truly magnificent. It is somewhat similar to Lebanese or other Arab cuisines. Main meals comprise mostly of lamb, fish and rice . One of the most popular dishes is Biryani, which is meat or fish cooked with an Indian-style spiced rice. Lobsters and local fish such as Hammour . Some of the most popular authentic Emirati dishes are as follows: 

• Raqaq (flat) Bread 

• Yeast Bread 

• Al Harees 

• Al Majboos 

• Al Salona 

• Al Madrooba 

• Fish


Fujairah has witnessed a rapid rate In all respects of economic and social development and especially in the field of tourism under the wise guidance of H.H.Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, Supreme Council member and ruler of Fujairah. Where to make every effort to develop the resources enjoyed by the emirate, it set out to implement its ambitious development plan to achieve the ideal exploitation of its resources and to extend the base of industrial, commercial, and agricultural production.


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